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From Ernst Pl├╝ss <>
Subject FixCrLf extension
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 09:17:56 GMT
Hi All

I'm currently cleaning up a huge repository of source
files which have all kinds of line endings. So I had a
look at the FixCrLf task. Although FixCrLf basically
does what I'm looking for I need some more features:
a) checkout all the files with a wrong line ending
b) fix them
c) check them in
d) some kind of preview without touching a file

In order to do this I'm thinking of an aditional
parameter telling FixCrLf to produce a FileSet
containing all files not containing the requried line

What I do not like about this aproach, is the fact,
that I would have to manually copy the produced
FileSet into an other ant script to get a)-c) done.
May be there's a clever way to do this fully



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