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From Adam Murdoch <>
Subject Re: JDK 1.1 support
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 11:49:32 GMT
On Thu, 13 Mar 2003 11:28 pm, Conor MacNeill wrote:
> I'd like to throw this up again. What are peoples thoughts on the following
> 1. Make Ant 1.6.x the last JDK 1.1 release. This would be clearly
> documented

+1 for ditching JDK 1.1.  Presumably we would still support compilation with 
an external 1.1 javac?

> 2. Make the subsequent release require JDK 1.2+ (what about leap frogging
> to later versions?)

I imagine jdk 1.2 would have everything that the ant core needs.  Anything 
that needs the newer stuff could probably be packed up into optional tasks 
(or better yet, into antlibs that can declare dependencies on the jdk version 
in their descriptor).

The best approach might be to start with 1.2 and see how we go.

> 3. Name this subsequent release Ant 2.0 (due to its change in system
> requirements)


It would also be a perfect time for a bit of selective backwards-compatibility 
breaking at the code level: eg sort out the classloader heirarchy, ditch 
deprecated methods, separate the core into public api and private internals, 
split up project's responsibilities, separate parsing and execution, .... 

Not the rewrite-from-scratch that ant2 became.  Just a few (relatively) easy 
wins at the expense of some broken tasks.

> 4. Drop all the Ant2 cruft from the website.



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