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From Loïc Péron <>
Subject [PATCH] [17471] -projecthelp does not work with -quiet
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 13:36:56 GMT

Hi all,

As stated in

-- quote bug 17471

When invoked using -projecthelp -quiet, ant does not show anything.
This seems like a bug, as using -projecthelp is to get some info.

The source of this behaviour is in the use of project.log(String)
inside the -projecthelp execution, which defaults to MSG_INFO level.
When -quiet is used, MSG_INFO messages are simply not shown.

To achieve the desired effect, project.log(String, msgOutputLevel)
should be used, msgOutputLevel being the instance variable in Main
which is used to filter out messages, thus always displaying info.

The different methods employed for -projecthelp handling being static,
one of two things must be done:
. promote these methods to instance methods
. pass msgOutputLevel as an argument to these methods

I did try both, and both function, but the first one is much less
intrusive to the code, as can be seen in the provided patches. In
either case, the changes are really minor an shoud not have any side

-- end quote

Would it be possible to address this little point in the next release?


Loïc Péron

phone:(33) 683 880 177

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