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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject pointer to half-hearted official MS.NET ant-ish tool
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 01:07:10 GMT
heh, microsoft have just released an automated tool to build, test and
deploy your .net apps:

with description here, in a winzip exe wrapper around what is really a PDF

End result is a tool that takes a declarative description of what
solutions to run, and how to notify people, integrates with VSS.

The following code sample shows the format of the configuration file
<section name="BuildIt"
<add key="appendTraceOutput" value="off" />
<add key="enableCustomMessageFilter" value="on"/>
<add key="visualStudioProgID" value="VisualStudio.Solution.7"/>
<sourceControl username="username" password="password"
iniFilePath="c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\srcsafe.ini"
srcVSSRootFolder="$/System" srcFileRootFolder="c:\System"/>
<solutions latestRootFolderFullName="c:\System"
<solution path=" c:\System\Solution1\Solution1.sln"/>
<solution path=" c:\System\Solution2\Solution2.sln"/>
<sendBuildReport mode="on/off" smtpServer=""
<archiveBuild mode="on/off"
<folder fullName="c:\System\Solution1\Setup1\Debug"
destFolderName="Debug\Setup1" />
<folder fullName=" c:\System\Solution1\Setup1\Release"
destFolderName="Release\Setup1" />
<updateAssemblyVersion mode="on/off"

The amusing things is the tool

(a) requires fully qualitifed paths everywhere

"Fully qualified paths are more flexible than relative ones, but at the
expense of being cumbersome."

heh? relative paths is the key to cross-system portability.

(b) have any form of plug-in extensibility: the only way to do it is to edit
the source.

Still these are details. Clearly team .NET has noticed that the java land
has a better way of doing things. (And the NANT folk too, though that is not
as mainstream in the NET space, yet). Notice also that BuildIt relies on being around, so is not the zero cost SDK+build tool option that NANT
or Ant is.

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