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From Danno Ferrin <>
Subject Re: ParallelTest fails randomly
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 15:53:42 GMT
For the doco update there are some some issues pending... hopefully 
resoleved by tomorrow.

However, I was thinking of re-writign the test with a custom tast that 
would use a custom task to incrament/decrament a static counter, and I 
would just asser that the max value was less than or equal to the thread 
count.  That's really the behavior the test needs to assert, and we can 
reduce the amount of time it takes to run the tegt with that setup. 
 This is consistent with the behavior that start order can be 
guaranteed, but execution and finish order are up in the air, classic 
race condition stuff.


Conor MacNeill wrote:

> Danno Ferrin wrote:
>> That looks like code I submitted, could you tell me OS and JDK 
>> versions you are running for this failure?  I may need to re-do the 
>> unit test to be tolerant of nideterminate behavior :(
> I have added some delays to ensure tasks start in the order specified. 
> When you start three threads, the third may end up running before the 
> second. the old code would fail sometimes for me (Linux RH8.0, JDK 
> 1.4.1_01)
> BTW, any doco update?
> Conor
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