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From "Rob Oxspring" <>
Subject Jakarta Newsletter
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 16:21:08 GMT

For those of you that don't know I'm behind the effort for a monthly(ish)
newsletter from the folks at jakarta.  The original aim was to help
developers stay informed of whats going on in the rest of Jakarta without
them having to monitor every list, each subproject would send in tidbits
of the interesting stuff that had been going on.  Its an opportunity to
let other developers know of changes / plans / decisions that aren't
necessarily worth going out to a project specific announcements list.  To
get a feel for the contents you can browse previous newsletters here:

But it doesn't have to be solely Jakarta related:
Last month we had an entry from letting us know that some
of our components were moving to that umbrella which seemed reasonable. 
There also seems to be a general feeling that projects such as Ant,
Avalon, James should still be invited to contribute to the letter even
though they're not strictly jakarta projects any more.  Thanks to all
this and a long running intention to invite the xml team to contribute I
thought it was time to invite one and all to contribute.

If this all works out then I guess we can talk about breaking away from
the Jakarta name and format changes but for now I thought it would be
good to just test the water and plug the contributions into the next
issue of the Jakarta Newsletter (next week sometime).

So what does it take to contribute? Pretty simple really - just email me
with a summary of what's been going on in your favorite project during
the last month and it will get included so long as I spot it flying past
(stick Newsletter somewhere in the subject line to get better odds). 
Sending text inline has been quite successful so far although patches to
the xdoc (once I've started it) would make life easier.  Alternatively we
could start up a Wiki page and have people add to it as they see fit. 
Its a good plan to let the people at the project know so that effort is
not duplicated.  

I plan to pull together any contributions on monday and post the first
draft on, more drafts will appear as more
contributions come in and by the end of next week I hope to be ready to
post the finished copy on

If you want to discuss the newsletter generally then I'm sub'd to and which seem to be the
best places to aim. 

Thanks in advance,


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