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From "Craig Campbell" <>
Subject RE: [ANTidote] Introspection implemented and updated ToDo's
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 20:42:54 GMT

I have completed the attribute-editors for the simple types (String,
Integer, Boolean, File).  They have been implemented as
TableCellEditors.  The bug is 16510 and has the source and a diff file
attached as a zip. 

I was wondering about you mean by reference types and list/custom
types.  I guess I need to understand them before I can draw up a
solution for them.


>>> 1/13/2003 3:49:28 PM >>>

> I like what you have done with Antidote!  The icons are 
> better than the
> original, and I see that you have the tree renderer setup and
> like you described.  Very nice!

Thanx :).

> I still think we need to look into Eric's xdocs stuff for additional
> functionality (i.e. context sensitive help, advanced icon rendering,
> more detailed descriptions, etc...).  There also might be other
> integrations that would appreciate a descriptor.  

After having thought about Eriks proposal I have to agree, but in the
step I just want to be minimumly as good as the NetBeans Integration

> As for Antidote if nobody has already volunteered for the following
> pieces I could pick them up.
> - Make the attributes aware of their type.

Basic things are already done (there is a class map in the ACSFactory
can use!

> - implement attribute-editors for many of the types.
>   - simple types (Sring, Integer, Boolean)
>   - reference types
>   - list/custom types

Would be really nice and I'd be grateful!

> Although I have a question about the Object editor we will 
> use?  Are we
> wanting to stick with the table style or do we want something more? 

Yes, I kind of really like the TableStyle, because it's most flexible
fast - so the editors should be somehow TableCellEditors...!

Regarding WebStart:

I did not really expect, that this could become a problem... We, at
made the best experiences with signed Applications, even with a simple
keytool signiture... Have you tried?

I see the WebStart-Vesion as somkind of sneak-peak and demo purpose
so I to not see a big Problem if the classpath is not changable during
runtime - what do you think?


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