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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Antlib... when?
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 15:54:57 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

>>> Every JAR in $ANT_HOME/lib would be scanned for a descriptor in
>>> META-INF (for example; be it some XML format or a properties file),
>>> and that descriptor would contain a URI that needs to be used as XML
>>> namespace URI in the build file.
>>> Hope I'm not totally off here... haven't followed much of the
>>> discussion before this thread.
>> No, spot on - that is what I had in mind.

That's what I had in mind too ( or close enough :-).
I was just describing it in reverse - you look in build.xml, see a
namespace URI ( or an <antlib name=> ) and you locate the descriptor 
using a resource derived from the URI.

JSP are similar - you need to declare all taglibs that you use in
the jsp page. Same for XSLT - where all extension elements/functions
you use must be declared.

One important issue - if you don't have the antlib, you obviously
don't have the descriptor either. So the info about where to download
must be derived from the URI - either using an indirect catalog or 
just using the URI as a base for lookup.

We can have the URI carry both informations ( descriptor location
in the jar and URL for download ) - just use an encoded form of the
URL as the resource path.

> I think too that this is the way, just with a change:
>   - Automatic antlib loads in ant.home/lib would be without namespace,
> as they are treated as "default" ones.

I think both Conor and me are disagreeing with you on this one.
XSLT, JSP, etc are all requiring some explicit information about what 
antlibs you need - otherwise a user who doesn't have the jars in ant/lib
will have no way to guess what is wrong and what .jar he has to install.
>   - Normal taskdef would be without namespace.

I.e backward compat - that's clear. If you mean: you should be able to use
taskdef for antlibs - I agree.

>   - <antlib> call would be with namespace.

Unless <taskdef> is used to load the antlib - which will work like it does 

> As for a descriptor, being a Cocoon developer, and having used xml for
> so much time, I can only suggest... not to use it, simple properties
> like now is just good enough, just add a namespace property as suggested
> above.   :-)

I agree - keep the simple properties for the simple case ( i.e. what we
need today ), and eventually use an XML descriptor for advanced features.


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