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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Antlib... when?
Date Sat, 04 Jan 2003 16:18:36 GMT
I was going to open the same subject next week :-)

I hope people have returned from vacation and will start reviewing 
PropertyHelper. Even if not perfect, I think it is a move in the
right direction. One important thing is that now property management
is centralized in PH - instead of Project. 

One thing I would like ( based on the early experiment on embed ) is
do the same thing with ComponentHelper.

I can check in the current version - i.e. a cut&paste of all component
( task, type ) management code from Project, plus simple hooks to 
allow ComponentHelpers to be chained.

This by itself doesn't solve the antlib problem - it just provides a
hook that people may use. We still need to agree on one ( or few )
mechanisms for antlib that will be the "official" antlib.

I think the DiscoveryTask was a good idea, but not good enough. It
is still a bit too complex. 

I think properties are simple and commonly used in defining collections
of tasks ( using taskdef resource=...). One very simple extension
would be:

 <project xmlns:jmx="ant:org.apache.commons.modeler.ant" >

 <jmx:mlet ... />
 <jmx:attribute ... />

A ns with ant: prefix will just load an from the given 
package. If not found - it may look in a catalog and download it, or 
any other advanced thing.

Other ns URLs could be supported as well, but IMO this is simple
enough to work :-)

I'm open to any alternative mechanism(s), but I really want to keep
the 2 issues separated, and to first resolve the hook.


Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Any idea on when some sort of Antlib system will be setup?
> The DiscoveryTask is a step in the right direction, but a much simpler
> system without additional dependencies can be set up for a simple
> use-case.
> Instead of loading "default" properties from a file in the ant.jar, we
> can do it for all jars in ${ant.home}/lib. This would make it simple to
> move the declarations out of the ant.jar and add "default" tasks to the
> run.
> Could this be a simple option to use?

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