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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: XDoclet and Ant descriptor generation
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 21:36:43 GMT

I've tweaked the build process to now function out-of-the-box  
(hopefully).  Give it a try and see what if anything breaks for you and  
let me know.

Here's how to run it now:
	ant clean gen docs

(I like to start clean, although XDoclet should handle the dependency  
checking fine and only build what is out of date)

The docs target is a proof-of-concept and certainly needs improvement.   
And the XML output from the task information may need tweaking, perhaps  
even a schema defined for it eventually to lock it in and allow tools  
to rely on a specific definition format.  Remember, this is not just  
for documentation purposes!  Wouldn't the NetBeans and Eclipses of the  
world love to have this metadata richly embedded?  Oh, I bet they would!

What is missing from this information?  What needs improving?

I plan on making similar subtasks in <antdoclet> for the datatypes and  
datatype properties file, and possibly other subtasks if necessary -  
although a simple <template> subtask could work wonders as well since  
most of the magic is in the tags handler.

Again, if you have trouble running this stuff, let me know.  Its tricky  
to ensure things will work for everyone as my ANT_HOME/lib is loaded  
with dependencies right now.  One note, I'm also running with ANT_OPTS  
set to:


I used to think logging wasn't so bad, but what a pain all these  
logging frameworks cause!


On Sunday, January 5, 2003, at 09:56  AM, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> Progress... here's what the latest XDoclet proposal/xdocs  
> (uncommitted, but not for long) build looks like:
> Total time: 59 seconds
> 59 seconds to build XML files for *every* Ant task in our codebase  
> _and_ a suitable file.  Wow.
> Because my subtask/tag handler now lives in XDoclet's CVS, I'm going  
> to make the proposal/xdocs directory just a skeleton of what it was  
> with just the appropriate lib JAR's and a build file that does the  
> generation.  Changes will be in that tree soon.  Currently the issue  
> is that to run it requires a full distribution of Ant along with the  
> dependencies needed to be able to do Class.forName on all the tasks -  
> or I'll have to add all the conditional excludes from the main Ant  
> build to make it smarter.
> 	Erik
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