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From Paul King <>
Subject Re: JMX Weblogic Stop Task
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 13:02:59 GMT
Alban Peignier wrote:

>I need to manage a small troupe of WebLogic 6.1 clusters...
>The solution is to use the "management" weblogic API (based on the JMX
>API). It works when you include this code into a classic java application.
>But when the same Java code is running whithin an Ant task, the Weblogic
>internal classes throw a NullPointerException.
>I'll contact the BEA technical support but I want to know if someone has
>already experienced this kind of problem.
>Contact me if you need more details.
I have seen the exact same error - never fully tracked it down.  I believe
the ant classloader interacts with the weblogic over-the-wire classloader.
The only solution that worked for me at the time was to simply have
a java task with fork="true" and put all the smarts in there.  Even this 
be hidden behind a facade task but I never bothered to try that.


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