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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: Antlib... when?
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 11:49:48 GMT
Costin Manolache wrote:
> My 'itch' is to have pluggable support for component creation. If nobody
> -1 the ComponentHelper - then any antlib can be implemented as an 
> optional task. I'll probably be ok with any "official" solution ( if
> it isn't too complex ), and probably I'll do my own experiments.
> Having a simple ComponentHelper plugin that uses the XML namespace to
> load a simple properties descriptor is one reasonable solution. Certainly
> not the only one. 

I'll check it out.

> 1. If a namespace will be used to resolve conflicts - it will be XML 
> namespace ( i.e. we won't invent our own ).

Ok, +1, let's use XML namespace to define task/type namespace.

> 2. Existing files will not have to change. ( i.e. the default namespace
> will be used for the core tasks ).

Obviously :-) +1

> 3. If you don't need namespaces, you'll not have to use them. I.e. if you
> have a simple project and use few libs - you can still use the simpler
> syntax.

what is the "simpler syntax"? You mean no namespace qualifiers? How do you 
see both these mechanisms working at once? - defining all tasks in the 
default namespace and ignoring collisions?

This means the build file depends on the user's config to some extent. One 
user has no colision and uses <deploy> whilst another does and get the wrong 
<deploy> defined first. Not sure this is good.

> The xmlns syntax is well defined - the only issue is the semantics of the
> URI. Some people have strong opinions on that. My (strong:-) preference is 
> for a URI that does have some semantics - i.e. it can be resolved to 
> a java package. Some form of catalog can resolve this to URLs or something
> else. 

We need to have some mechanism to match the URI to a jar, whatever the URI 
format is. At this stage my pref would be to use a standard HTTP URL from 
which the library may be downloaded (not necessarily directly).


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