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From Christoph Wilhelms <>
Subject RE: [ANTidote] Introspection implemented and updated ToDo's
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 22:17:52 GMT
Hi Craig!

First of all: I liked your Changes and committed them nearly unchanged! I
just had to fix the case of having a tablecelleditor active with no atribute
selected (NullPointerException). Additionally I hope I applied everything
correctly, because I had a fight with my "Apply Patch Tool" (NetBeans) and
the tool won, so I had to apply it manually...
Please review!

Regarding your comments:

> I have completed the attribute-editors for the simple types (String,
> Integer, Boolean, File).  They have been implemented as
> TableCellEditors.  The bug is 16510 and has the source and a diff file
> attached as a zip. 

Thanx again! Very nice!
> I was wondering about you mean by reference types and list/custom
> types.  I guess I need to understand them before I can draw up a
> solution for them.

"reference type" are types, who's values reference some other variable like
the classpath. Example is "refid" from property, wich can reference the
classpath! Probably I am to dump to explain, but it would be good to look at
the Netbeans-Ant-Integration To get a hint of what i mean!!

what I meant when I wrote "list types" was, for instance, the
"level-attribute", that can have the values "debug, verbose, etc.". The
editor should be a ComboBox. It's not 100% clear to me where to get these
values, but Eriks XDoclet thing could bring a solution!


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