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From "Rob Oxspring" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] FakeForrest is ready!
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 12:37:42 GMT
I'm not a committer in Ant land so none of this is binding but my 2p...

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From: "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
To: "'Ant Developers List'" <>
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2003 9:03 AM
Subject: [VOTE] FakeForrest is ready!

> Hi All!
> I have finished the FakeForrest Anakia/Velocity template and committed it to
> the proposal/ant-site/anakia directory. It's something like a "best of both
> worlds" approach (Design from forrest, but added bixed headers, tables and
> source boxes from the current anakia-templates (with some color pushing).
> For that reason it's time to come up with a multiple vote/proposal:
> [1] We want to use Forrest for (because it is soooo nice ;))

+1.  Admittedly it's quite nice but I'd put the reasons for now being the free and easy access
to printable pages and search
facilities.  Eventually the integration of various stats and building RSS feeds should be
a real bonus too.

> [2] Use the FakeForrest Anakia/Velocity template to generate the site until
> we converted the xdocs xmls to the forrest dtd and the project.xml into a
> book.xml.

-0. Ant has ~170kb of xdocs, which doesn't seem a whole lot and I would have thought we could
get a reasonable conversion done
quickly enough (especially if a few of us carve up the work) that the benefits of a FakeForrest
transition period would be pretty
small.  I would expect tweaks, tunings and corrections to follow but the initial conversion
should be reletively painless - maybe
you are suggesting some reorg too? this seems to be a separate phase that would be easier
after the hassle of conversion is dealt
with.  Please shout me down though - I haven't looked at the forrest DTD in depth yet, just
observed that it seems to include a
superset of the features used by ant.

> [3] Probably stick to the FakeForrest approach until Forrest itself offers
> bixed headers (referring to Nicola Ken Barozzi :)).

Here I'm lost - what's a bixed header? I've googled and eyebrowsed but with no luck, and my
eyes aren't spotting the distiction from
the forrest page so I must be looking for the wrong thing:

If this is a real stumbling block then +1 to a FakeForrest interim period but until then I'll
stick to a bemused -0.


> Here is of course my +1 to my complete proposal :).
> Happy New Year!
> Chris
> P.S.: I've already updated the templates to 2003 and if you want a sneak
> peak youst click here:
> --
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