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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Classloader and import tasks
Date Wed, 25 Dec 2002 18:15:03 GMT
Conor MacNeill wrote:

> Costin Manolache wrote:
>> I would like to check in the (updated) <classloader> and <import>
>> tasks into the MAIN branch.
> Costin,
> I haven't had time to review this in-depth but I would like to provide you
> with some quick feedback since I'm going offline for a while.
> 1. The use of ProjectHelper2 in the ImportTask
> As I understand it, ProjectHelper2 is an implementation of the
> ProjectHelper plugin. As such, I don't think Tasks, such as ImportTask,
> should have a direct dependency on this class. Someone should be able to
> use another ProjectHelper without requiring ProjectHelper2 to be around.
> It seems this is there just for the AntXmlContext class. Can this be made
> a top level class and moved out of the helper package.

Good point. 

For the moment I think it would be better to wait until things stabilise
( I assume people will want changes in import and the project helper
and we may find bugs ). Then add a (minimal) subset of AntXmlContext,
or find another solution to abstract this. The APIs we add in core
will haunt us a very long time :-)

> 2. Classloader
> For the classloader task, you stated "It'll create a new loader or add
> paths to an existing loader." I'm not sure that modifying a classloader is
> safe after it has started serving classes. 

> The scenario I'm considering involves a child loader and the following 

> 1. Class A is requested from the child loader. The child loader first
> tries the parent loader which cannot find class A. The child loader then
> tries to load class A and succeeds.
> 2. The parent class loader is modified to add a path containing class A.
> 3. Class B is requested from the child loader. The child loader delegates
> to the parent which finds Class B.
> 4. Class B has a dependency on Class A which the VM attempts to load
> through
>   Class B's class loader. Since this loader has been modified, Class A is
> found.
> 5. Class A has now been loaded by a class loader and its child loader.
> This will most likely lead to violation of loader constraints and
> mysterious failures.
> Since you are proposing this to allow modification of the core loader, I
> think it may cause problems.

There are countless scenarios where a class ends up loaded by 2 loaders.
The whole reason for adding paths to the core loader is to avoid this -
for most common use case. 

IMO most people will use <classloader> to add jars like junit.jar
and other dependencies and optional tasks ( and antlibs ) to the core 
loader. That means all tasks and libraries will be loaded with the
same loader ( the core loader ), and will behave almost like if they
would be in CLASSPATH.

I think creating new loaders is for advanced users - and I doubt we can
ever have a loader mechanism to completely avoid class cast/linkage errors
or loader constraint violations ( especially if "reverse" loader is used ).
You could specify that you want the system loader as parent - and avoid
the core loader.

One interesting solution is in jboss - where each jar is loaded in a
different loader, and a parent loader does some tricks so it appears
it loads all classes. But that is basically the same thing ( a single
loader is visible ) - the only benefit is reloading, which is 
not yet an issue for ant. 


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