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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Java Development with Ant examples
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 04:13:18 GMT
Hesitantly (because I'm afraid of the support issues I'm about to field 

This is a trimmed down version of the application Steve and I developed 
for our Java Development with Ant book.

Of not to Ant folks:

  - Property handling, including how I deal with library dependency 
issues (see lib/

  - Use of <antcall> for compilation of "modules".

  - Custom Ant IndexTask, demonstrating how to develop relatively 
sophisticated Ant tasks easily.

  - XDoclet, XDoclet, and XDoclet :))

For XDoclet folks, these are of interest:

  - The strutsgen subproject uses custom templates and a custom tag 
handler demonstrating some powerful features of XDoclet.

  - Use of Ant property substitution in XDoclet tags.

  - Use of XDoclet template tags in merge points, showing how to do some 
conditional things out-of-the-box with XDoclet (turning Cactus servlet 
on and off, in this example).

The application itself is a document search engine, based on Lucene, and 
should run out of the box in Tomcat or JBoss.  It even has the ability 
to (at build time) toggle between whether to use a session bean or not 
(functionality is the same either way).  By default, you can simply 
deploy the WAR that you've built and it will work without EJB, but if 
you are interested in exploring the session bean piece it can be turned on.

I am in the process of creating much more detailed documentation, but I 
wanted to get this out sooner rather than later.  If you find any 
problems or have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know so 
I can refine it and post updates.

The one documentation I need to provide now is to note that you'll need 
j2ee.jar to build.  I include all other API's.  To build, unzip the file 
(link below) and it will expand into JavaDevWithAnt directory.  In that 
directory, run Ant.  If you have J2EE_HOME set you shouldn't need to do 
anything... just "ant".  You'll also need to build a site index, so run 
"ant build-site-index".  This is intentionally two separate steps.  If 
you don't have J2EE_HOME set, then you need to provide j2ee.jar to the 
build.  Do it this way:

     ant -Dj2ee.jar=/path/to/my/j2ee.jar

Where "/path/to/my/j2ee.jar" is the actual path to your j2ee.jar

Post any questions/problems to me directly.  E-mail me at


There will be updates in the next week or so as I polish the 
documentation and address any issues that turn up.


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