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From "Joerg Pleumann" <>
Subject Re: Tasks for J2ME/MIDP development
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 16:14:14 GMT
Hello Stefan,

Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> I'd like to announce some new tasks for J2ME/MIDP development.
> I've committed you description.

Thanks a lot.

> Out of personal intereste, I would like to know what the difference
> between your set and the already existing sets is, especially when
> compared with Josh Eckels' tasks (if I was into midlet coding, I'd
> probably chose his because of the "nicer" license).

I suppose the question of which license is "nicer" depends on who is looking
at the license - kind of a religious question, right? :-)

Regarding the features: One of the other two packages is totally out of date
and not really compatible with the Wireless Toolkit anymore. The other one
(Josh Eckel's) is, but didn't suit my needs or preferences.

* As an example, I like to have my build files as short as possible. If I
have to use different tasks for packaging, obfuscating, preverifying and
then updating the JAD, the whole build.xml gets rather lengthy. Multiply
this with a number of variants you create from the same MIDlet for different
phones, and your build.xml is longer than your original source code.

* Also, If you seperate the different steps, you end up with a lot of
temporary files in between which you have to cleanup afterwards. At least my
build.xml files looked that way when using the other tasks.

* Personally, I prefer high-level tasks that do the right thing and result
in a readable build.xml file.

* Obfuscation was not supported in other tasks at all.

* You had to maintain JAD file and MANIFEST.MF seperately (although they're
nearly identical). And so on...

I hope that list justifies the implementation of some new Ant tasks. Well,
anyway, I like them. :-)

Best regards,


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