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From "Felder, Brian" <>
Subject Optional task: Visual Basic.NET compile
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 20:50:30 GMT
In our environment, in addition to Java code, we have C# and VB.NET 
code that we need to include in our builds. I have used the CSharp 
compiler optional task, but have not found a task to call the VB.NET
compiler. Attached is a simple, initial cut at a VB.NET compilation 
task; it is a trivial extension to the CSharp optional .NET task. 
Although I have not tried it with complicated builds, it seems to work
well with some simple cases I have tried so far.

The extension involves extending the CSharp task in the following ways:

o Changing the compiler name and file extension
o Changing the file separator in the DEFAULT_REFERENCE_LIST from 
  semicolons to commas
o Overriding getDefaultReferenceParameter() (which uses the 
o Overriding getSrcDir(), in order to be able to set the _srcDir
  in the VisualBasicCompile class
o In the execute() method, removing some of the compiler options
  that do not work in VB

Since there is so much common functionality between VB.NET and C#
compilation, it seems it would make sense to derive both from a common
superclass, rather than extending one from the other (as I have done).

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum for submitting code; 
please let me know if there is another place for this. Also, I would
be glad to help refactor this and the CSharp task to derive from a 
common superclass, if this would make sense.

Thank you,
Brian Felder
Software Engineer
Providence Health System
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