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From Jim Wright <>
Subject Package overviews
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 10:19:54 GMT

In the process of understanding Ant API's I intend to
write package overviews. These could form the basis
of package.html files for feeding into javadoc or I
may publish them on my website. I don't expect
to cover more than a few packages myself.

I attach a draft for the root package
Excuse the filename which is a unique fixed ID. Also, the
header links are broken.

If Ant developers feel they could use this as intended
then I am willing to make it more suitable, transfer
copyright etc. It may make a worthwhile read anyway.

I am approaching this from a position of ignorance,
which does have the advantage that ignorant people
may understand it ;-) I would like to think I am
avoiding unnecessary jargon.

But of course it may need correcting by various
experts. In some cases my descriptions of
classes/interfaces may reflect the need to modify the
comments in .java files so that people like me can
understand them.

OK. Comments gratefully received. My aim has been
to give each type a brief mention that fits it into the
big picture and I would prefer to make it shorter.


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