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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: Problem with latest Selector patch?
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 19:31:23 GMT
At 09:19 AM 7/8/2002 +0200, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>java full version "Linux_JDK_1.1.8_v3_green_threads"
>     [junit] Testcase: 
> testSelectionBehaviour( 
>     [junit] expected:<TTTTTFFFFFFF> but was:<TTTTTTTTTTTF>
>     [junit] junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: expected:<TTTTTFFFFFFF> 
> but was:<TTTTTTTTTTTF>

The behaviour you are seeing is what is expected with a post-1.1 JDK. 
Evidently your Linux JDK 1.1 works properly where the Windows 1.1 JDK (at 
least) does not. I assume yours is blackdown? Perhaps that variation needs 
to be run only on a windows 1.1 VM. I'll try installing blackdown and see.

>java full version "JDK-1.2.2_012"
>java full version "1.3.1_03-b03"
>java full version "1.4.0-b92"
>all fail with
>     [junit] Testcase: 
> testSelectionBehaviour( 
>     [junit] expected:<TTFFTFFFTTTT> but was:<TFFFFFFFFFFT>
>     [junit] junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: expected:<TTFFTFFFTTTT> 
> but was:<TFFFFFFFFFFT>
>at line 232.

This is frustrating because I can't duplicate it. I have a suspicion what 
is causing the problem, though, and if I am right at least it doesn't 
indicate a bug in DateSelector.

Both problematic lines come from selecting on a specific millisecond time, 
1006347300000L. On my boxen, this is identical to "11/21/2001 4:55 AM" but 
I'm guessing that isn't the case on yours and Dominique's. Particularly 
because a previous test reads in that same time from the timestamp on a 
file and does the selection that way, and that test isn't failing for you.

I'm commenting these tests out for now. I'd hate to hold up 1.5 on account 
of them, and I really think they are an artifact of the testing rather than 
a bug.

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