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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject Re: top-level tasks, import, projecthelp, targetless
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 11:38:18 GMT
 --- "J.Pietschmann" <> wrote: > wrote:
> > This choice has a big impact on <import> or any
> other 
> > task that is going to affect the project
> structure.
> Again, *why* has <import> to be a top level *task*?
> Why couldn't it just import taskdefs, properties,
> targets, whatever?
> I recommend reading the spec of xsl:import. Even
> better,
> press Nicola to write down a formal spec of
> ant:import.

>From the XSLT book by M.Kay:

"<xsl:import> is a top level element, which means that
it must appear as a child of the <xsl:stylesheet>
element. Within an <xsl:stylesheet> element, the
<xsl:import> child elements must come before any other

In other words imports in XSLT are not just like any
other element. The same is true for ANT, since
<import> changes the dependency graph, we cannot
execute the targets without knowing the dependency
graph for it. (Unless we are trying to do some sort of
self rewriting programming).

I would like to add that one of the things we want to
have is ${...} expansion on the <import> attributes.
For that we would need <properties> and other
declarations be executed as we go (even when using the
-projecthelp option).

Jose Alberto

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