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From Adam Murdoch <>
Subject Re: what I want to see in the next version of ant
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 22:05:55 GMT
On Tue, 23 Jul 2002 08:08, Steve Loughran wrote:
> Here's my list what I'd like to see in the next version of ant.
> We need to move forward, one way or the other.
> I'm think we ought to give priority at this early post-1.5 point to decide
> what the focus of development should be for the next round, simple
> evolution of ant1.5 or whether this is a good time to sit down and move up
> to starting on ant2.0 in earnest, maybe using mutant or myrmidion as
> foundations, or (as Costin suggests), to evolve what we have today, but
> either way to rework enough of ant to make it better than it currently is.

Big +1 to kicking off ant2.

As far as code base goes, I think it would be a bad idea to cut directly 
across to either of the proposals.  Instead, we should start with the current 
ant 1 code base, and move stuff down from the proposals feature by feature.

One of the first steps should be to tighten up the task API, to clearly define 
which bits are public API, and which bits are internals of the engine.  Then, 
the main tree and the proposals can continue to evolve side by side.  Tasks 
that only use the public API will be portable between them, and we can move 
features into the main tree incrementally.


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