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From "Craig Campbell" <>
Subject RE: Reactivating Antidote Project!
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 20:30:23 GMT
Here are a couple of screen shots of what I have been running for a
couple of weeks now.  Granted, screen shots do not show the speed of the
application, but it will at least show the cosmetics.  I am more than
willing to send the jar file to anyone who would like to look at the
speed as well.


>>> 06/21/02 02:15AM >>>
> Like any other developer I would like to see several of the 
> things that
> I have worked on make it to release, but I know that is not always
> best thing for a product.  Is there a way we can discuss some the
> additions and decide what needs to be there and what is fluff?  

Just a proposal: You can provide 1 ür 2 SMALL Screenshots to thge List
provide your jar to whoever is interested! I think this wont flood the
and should do it. Alternatively we could put the jar on the website to
downloaded... What du you think, Stefan?

> I am willing to start working again on Antidote (this time for
> repository).  I know there is a todo list that has been 
> defined, but can
> we make it more specific and define who will work what part.  

Now that we are 3 let's discuss who'll take wich part, ok?

Armond? Do you still copy?


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