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From "Craig Campbell" <>
Subject RE: Reactivating Antidote Project!
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:36:40 GMT
It's nice to be back!

I agree with going step by step as well as creating something small and

Like any other developer I would like to see several of the things that
I have worked on make it to release, but I know that is not always the
best thing for a product.  Is there a way we can discuss some the
additions and decide what needs to be there and what is fluff?  

I am willing to start working again on Antidote (this time for
repository).  I know there is a todo list that has been defined, but can
we make it more specific and define who will work what part.  I guess I
would like to see this released and ready to use (at least in beta) for
1.5.  Is that pushing too much?


>>> 06/20/02 01:21AM >>>
Craig, Welcome back :-)!

> As was stated in previous list items, I have quite a bit of 
> code (1.8Mb)
> that is different than the CVS repository.  I would like to 
> submit them
> for patching, but am not too certain of the procedure for such a
> submission.  I would appreciate a point in the right 
> direction, so that
> more than a few of us can take a look at what has been done.

I'd -1 to apply a patch as big as this - not only because I know how
your version of Antidote has become. Mi goal ist to keep Antidote
clean, "kind of" small and in front of all: FAST! The Version in the
cvs is
not as comfortable as what you have done to it, but you already agreed
it is not as fas anymore...

I think we should go the next steps carefully and incremental! I do not
to spoil the original design (speking of the code) bit improve
funktionallity and useability!

Again: Let's go step by step using the effort of a community which,
hopefully, will be bigger then just us 3 (Armand, you and me).


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