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From "Shorn Tolley" <>
Subject Newbie: Building Ant 1.4.1 from within NetBeans - wierd problem with 'available' task for RegExp jar
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2002 00:13:04 GMT
Hi folks,

I am trying to build the Ant source code for 1.4.1.
(as an aside, are there any FAQs or anything I should be reading as a first
time Ant builder?)

I am able to build Ant 1.4.1 from the command line using a binary download
of Ant 1.4.1.

When I try to build Ant from within NetBeans (using the Ant project
build.xml file), the compile fails because the script tries to build the file.

This does not happen from the command line because I haven't got the
regexp.jar in my classpath or anywhere else for that matter.  Which means
the 'available' task in the 'check_for_optional_packages' target doesn't set
the 'jakarta.regexp.present' property, which means the JakartaRegexpMatcher
class gets excluded from the build.

Unfortunately, when building from within NetBeans, the available task seems
to find the RE regexp class, which means it then sets the
'jakarta.regexp.present' property, which eventually causes the build to
fail.  I /think/ the RE class is being picked up from the NetBeans
classpath.  (regexp.jar /is/ in the 'netbeans.class.path').

I have gotten the build to work from within NetBeans by commenting out the
available task that sets the 'jakarta.regexp.present' property, but I was
wondering if anyone else is building Ant from NetBeans and have seen this

Windows XP
JDK 1.3.1 (although netbeans is running on 1.4)
Ant 1.4.1 source code
NetBeans 3.3.1
Using Jikes as well (but it happens with ordinary javac too)


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