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From Bela Ban <>
Subject Re: Mapping src to dest files in Javac
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 21:16:23 GMT

--- Diane Holt <> wrote:
> Well, the built-in solution would be much the same
> approach, but using
> <dirset> and <pathconvert> (you need the <dirset> so
> you have a datatype
> to pass to <pathconvert>):
>   <dirset id="user.dir" dir="${user.dir}"/>
>   <pathconvert property="cur.dir" pathsep=""
> refid="user.dir">
>     <map from="${basedir}${file.separator}" to=""/>
>   </pathconvert>
>   <javac srcdir=... destdir=...
> includes="${cur.dir}/**/*.java"/>
> [Note: <dirset is only available as of 1.5]
> Diane
> =====
> (

Hi Diane,

we still have the problem of removing the ${basedir}
prefix from the resulting string, e.g. if 'includes'
we need to convert it to org/javagroups/util/*.java.

The basic problem is:
- I want to use 1 build.xml file located at the root
of my src directory
- I want to cd to ANY directory below the root and do
an 'ant -find build.xml compile'. This compile should
only compile the files in the current directory (if
needed). An eval of all files (e.g.
includes="**/*.java") would be too costly in a large

I guess I'll leave my <trim> task in there for now...

BTW: congrats to the whole team for an excellent job

Bela Ban

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