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From Shorn Tolley <>
Subject Re: Modifying Ant reporting behaviour when javac fails
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 00:25:19 GMT
> Not only is this not a problem, it is actually
> useful. When your build 
> file contains multiple <javac> tasks it is useful to
> be able to click on 
> the one which caused the error and go straight to
> it. In some cases 
> <javac> problems have nothing to do with the source
> and more to do with 
> the way the <javac> task is setup (classpaths, etc).
> Conor

True, but I debug the code I'm writing a lot more than
I debug the build file.

Keep in mind that I'm talking about this as a problem
in the context of using Ant from within an IDE. 
During the development cycle I most often just run one
focused target, as opposed to running the 'all'

It could also be an opt-in or opt-out option.  Or be
added to the effect of specifying -emacs on the
command line.  Anything really, just so I don't have
to pay stupid-tax on it :)


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