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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: more undocumented attrs
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 16:38:17 GMT
>>    public void setQuiet(boolean flag)
>>    public void setExit(boolean flag)
>>    public void setOffsets(boolean flag)
>.>    public void setVerbose(boolean flag)
>.    public void setFullsemanticize(boolean flag)
>>Which of these should be docoe'd as attributes in the html/javadocs? And
>>what should I say about them?

>None of them. Internal/Testing use only. This will break the reporting

>btw maybe we should use something like @ant.internal=true ?

OK, they will have messages like

     * flag to suppress copyright and summary messages; default false.
     * internal/testing only
     * @ant.attribute ignore="true"
    public void setQuiet(boolean flag) {
        this.quiet = flag;

on the subject of the maudit tasks, I will note that MParse looks like it
could be refactored to extend AbstractMetamataTask, rather than plain Task,
for which I have added another @todo item.


On the subject of XDoclet, it matters in Gump builds, as it is highly
unstable right now, but the new version will be so much faster it will be
worth it. I use a frozen copy in SCM, but it irritates me that the
<webdoclet> process is the slowest part of my build.

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