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From "Ara Abrahamian" <>
Subject RE: XDoclet stability was Re: more undocumented attrs
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 17:36:24 GMT
I'll answer this one....

> As related to this. Your on their development lists - can you tell me
> they are going to stabilize the API?

The v1.2 API is now considered stable. The transition to xjavadoc is
done and only some minor internal enhancements will come before 1.2 is

> A whole chunk of my projects rely on XDoclet and I think it is a
> tool. However every 2-3 weeks I end up having to completely rewrite
> of
> the tasks because the API changes. Is there a published API or
> that is stable like that?

Well, wait till it's stable :-) And it's now stable.

> It is getting very frustrating - so much so that I just don't bother
> updating the projects using xdoclet which of course causes a whole
tree of
> failures in Gump. The instability of XDoclet is also halting a
proposal I
> am trying to make in another project.

I know, I know. Fortunately or unfortunately XDoclet grew exponentially
and suddenly we found ourselves in lots of @tags and templates. XDoclet
started as a quick hack, 20KB only, look what happened to it! We're
moving towards a better architecture. Introducing xjavadoc was the first

> SO I guess I am asking when will it stop ? ;P

I say in v2.0. We used to call it v1.3 but now it's called v2.0. What
you can expect in v2.0:
- Velocity as the template engine
- What we call xtags, something which sits on top of xjavadoc and lets
you model EjbSource/WebJspTag/Whatever as roles of the source class and
do real OO instead of all those tag handlers.
- And finally v2.0 will be submitted to Jakarta.

v1.2 will be out in 2 weeks. Stick to it until v2.0 is out. v2.0 will
have a totally new architecture, but until then the 1.x series are more
or less stable and you can expect only small changes. We had to fix some
stupid problems, for example javadoc isn't following javabean spec,
xjavadoc does and that alone meant a big refactoring!

> If the answer is not soon. Do you think it would be useful to do a
> hack using normal javadoc tool and velocity. Basically small and
> doing absolute minimum we need but at least stable? When/if XDoclet
> stabilizes we can revert to it. Beside Velocity is so much more
> for templating ;)

Yeah Velocity is great and we're switching to it.

Btw, have you tried the latest cvs code?


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