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From "Stephane Bailliez" <>
Subject Re: <jpcoverage> questions
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 07:57:14 GMT
><jpcovreport> questions now:

>filters - there is a setter - but no documentation.  what should its docs
>be?  or is it not really an attribute setter?

Should stay undocumented for now. This is a shortcut for a possible
extension of the command (ie filters to remove some data) but it would
require the creation of another <filter> subelements rather than an
attribute. (for coherence). This was just for development help.

>there is an undocumented <coveragepath> sub-element too.  what's its
>description?  or should it stay "undocumented"?

"undocumented". It must be removed. I can't even remember why it is
here...ergh..I need to put more docs in the code than a "@todo to remove"
but I think it was part of the initial work on the <reference>

> javahome - doesn't exist as a setter.  But its on the HTML docs.  ??

Should be removed from the docs.
java_home was deprecated in favor of java_exe in JProbe. If not specified
java_exe will be determined from the Ant vm.
plus there was a bug in java_home in JProbe 3.0 so deprecation here meant
'does not work anymore. don't use it' :)

> inputfile - undocumented - is it intentionally hidden?  or should it be
> documented?  and with what description and required setting?

It was intentionally hidden. All the JProbe input configuration can be set
as an external file (at the time of the writing it was in txt now the file
is xml and there is backward compatibility - at least there was the last
time I checked. I need to get my hands on JProbe 4.0 final but I think some
things are broken). It was just a fallback in case all the configuration
created by the Ant task is out of date due to a new JProbe release or
such...but it could be documented.


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