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From "Wells, Phillip" <>
Subject New task: JavaNcssTask
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 11:19:08 GMT

I've just written a new Ant task that wraps the JavaNCSS library
( for determining source code
metrics and would like to propose it be added to Ant's optional.jar. As it's
quite small I've added both task and documentation to this mail.

I have already spent some time looking at Steve Jernigan's existing Ant task
for JavaNCSS on SourceForge (
with a view to combining the functionality his task provides (metrics
threshold checking) with mine (report generation). Clemens Lee, the author
of JavaNCSS, has also been involved in this discussion. In the end we
decided this would not be possible as Steve's code requires the JavaNCSS
libraries be present at compile time which appears to be in conflict with
the principle that all Ant optional tasks should stand alone from external

However, would it be possible to also add a link to Steve's task on Ant's
'External Tools and Tasks' page
( Details below (unless Steve
says otherwise!):

Description: This project is an Jakarta Ant add on task that allows the
JavaNCSS code metric class to be called as part of the Ant build process.
The task allows the specification of threshold values and can flag instances
of metrics that exceed these thresholds.
Compatibility: Ant 1.4.1
Licence: GPL


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