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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject translate/translator task - suggestions
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 19:02:18 GMT

I was thinking about merge of translate and translator
tasks and have the following ruminations :

- Translator have a concept of domains, so you could
  search for a translation into all domains loaded,
  or a specific domain.

  There is a root (default) domain, where translator
  search when :

  - Initially if no domain is given for lookup.
  - Fallback search when an entry is not found in the
    specified domain.

My idea was to add to each xml files and/or also in 
properties implementations, a way to specify the fallback
domain to search for.

Let say that we have 4 domains: A, B, C, D
A is the root domain

B is a std domain, with no special fallback,
  it's fallback will be A (root domain)

C is another std domain, with B as fallback

D is std domain with no fallback

- search in domain D, will make task search
in D and failed if nothing is found here.

- search in domain C, will make task search 
  in C, B and finally A

- search in domain B, will make task search
  in B then A.

- search in A will allways be final.

- search without domain given will make task
  search first in A, and then in B,C,D sequentially.

The fallback tag is easy to add in xml based files,
but how to do this in properties bundle implementation ?

Should we tag each bundle res with a fallback tag in
task properties ?

The domain idea is important when you want to translate
a big webapp where dictionaries are splitted between
developpers and when you can have such fallback strategy,
ie some globals dictionaries and local dictionnaries.

Henri Gomez                 ___[_]____
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