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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: Ant 1.5 Beta1 Sneak Preview ready
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 10:25:10 GMT
>> It's similar to the translate task from Magesh, but
>> I candidly think it's a little better to translate
>> webapps, since it could translate TOKEN searching
>> in the xml dicts files and also add current lang
>Here is what I have observed  from my short glance -
>correct me if I am wrong: (T1->my task; T2->your task)
>* The configuration file of T2 is XML based,
>  while T1 is ResourceBundle (property file) based.


>* T1 fully supports encoding; T2 doesn't seem to be
>  supporting encoding in its curent form.

Hum, need to learn more, may be after reading your own

>* T1 supports configurable start and end tokens (though,
>  IIRC, it can be just one character each).  T2's
>  token parsing, AFAICS, is not configurable.

ok, I'll add this two tokens quickly ;)
>* T1 uses multiple hierarchial Resource Bundles; T2 uses
>  a single xml file - I can see merits in both approach.

T2 could use a set of xml files, not just one.
There is a not so hidden concept of domain, with a
root domain.

Each xml file concern a domain of translation and
you could search in this domain by tagging like 
this __TRANS(mydomain@mysearchid)__. 

Fallback will be in root domain (should add more configure
option here)

If you just have __TRANS(mysearchid)__, translator will
search into all domains, starting from the root one.

>* T1 supports translation of just those files that
>  need to be updated (based on timestamps, like <javac>).
>  In its current state, T2 doesn't seem to.

T2 have the same feature, since it extend MatchingTask
and use restric :

        SourceFileScanner sfs = new SourceFileScanner(this);
        files = sfs.restrict(files, srcDir, destDir, m);

>There may be other minor differences as well - I don't
>yet know.  But let me ask this:  Since the only significant
>difference really seems to be the way the translation text
>is submitted, would it be possible for you to refactor both
>these tasks so that we end up with one single task that
>can be configured using XML files or Resource Bundles,
>retaining the values provided by both these tasks?
>If it doesn't seem feasible, then, perhaps we can
>provide your task too, as an alternative...

That's why one my idea, having Translate just an interface.
XMLTranslate could be an implementation, ditto for ResourceBundles,
and why not a JDBC implementation ?

>> <a href="/welcome__LANG.html">
>> <img src="/images/welcome__LANG.gif" align="left" border="0"
>> __/></a></td>
>Using T1, this would be like:
><a href="/welcome__#LANG#.html">
><img src="/images/welcome__#LANG#.gif" align="left" border="0"
>> will be translated in french (bienvenue chez nous) and could also
>> adjust needed links (img, href...) :
>> <a href="/welcome__fr.html">
>> <img src="/images/welcome__fr.gif" align="left" border="0" 
>> nous"/></a></td>
>T1's result will be the same, of course.
>> if translator name seems incorrect, we could rename it to xtranslate
>> (xml based translate) ....
>xtranslate does look good - but, IMHO, if you can
>integrate both these tasks into one, if feasible,
>that would be the best step forward.  Let me know
>what you think.

Let's go. I'll try to get translate and translator a
uniq task, with your benediction ;)

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