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From Chad Loder <>
Subject Re: Possible bug with <parallel>, <antcall> and depends
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 07:57:23 GMT

Dammit, you're right.  I think the behavior I was seeing
was caused by echo messages in sub-project buildfiles
for targets NOT invoked via <antcall>...I'm an idiot.

So the whole issue about whether <antcall> works as
documented is moot, and my apologies.

However, the issue of ant not handling parallel builds
is still very much real for me, so if anyone has
input, I'd like to hear it. Otherwise I'm just going
to write a taskdef that does it as I would have



At Thursday 5/2/2002 05:44 PM +1000, you wrote:
> > Currently, if I don't use <parallel>, the mutual dependencies
> > of all the <antcall>'s are executed at most once (the desired
> > and expected behavior).
>I'd be surprised if this were the case. From my understanding and experience,
><antcall> will re-execute any targets which are dependencies of the
><antcall>ed target. That's what's meant by:

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