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From "Patrick (Gus) Heck" <>
Subject Symlink task needs 1.6 bugfixed too (or add to 1.5beta)
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 15:19:25 GMT
Hi, I am almost finnished with the symlink task I mentioned a while
back. The problem is that this task relies on the bugfix for bug 1550,
which has been applied to the Ant 1.5beta branch, but not the 1.6
branch. Would you like to add it to the 1.5beta branch (which is what I
developed it against) or would someone be so kind as to apply the fix
for 1550 to the 1.6 branch so I can submit it there?

The symlink task highlights:
 - make a symlink
 - delete a symlink without deleting the target file/directory
 - record all the symlinks in a directory tree in a properties file
 - recreate the symlinks in a directory tree from the properties file
 - failonerror or not
 - overwrite existing symlinks or not.
 - symlink deletion method is exposed as a static utility function for
use by developers

I have the code, testcase and documentation almost ready, and just need
to know what tree I should be moving them into.


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