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From Adam Murdoch <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant-myrmidon/framework/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/framework/listener
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 08:39:21 GMT
On Wed, 22 May 2002 17:36, wrote:

>   * Added unit tests for <type-def> and <converter-def>.  They don't pass.

This is a bit tragic.  <type-def> and <converter-def> haven't worked for a 
loong time.  Nor, as it turns out, have <import> or <typelib>.  Here's why:

* The configurer always uses the TypeManager from the root execution frame (ie 
the embeddor), whereas types are added to the TypeManager from the project's 
execution frame.  This mean polymorphic types won't work (which includes 
data-types in <property>), except the core ones.

* Similarly, the master converter uses the TypeManager from the root execution 
frame, but the factories for creating the converters get added to the 
TypeManager of the project's execution frame.  Which means that the master 
converter can't instantiate them.

* The role TypeDeployers don't get inherited by child deployers, which means 
that, for example, a TypeInstanceTask doesn't get registered for data-types 
(except the core ones).

Looks like we need a scoped service interface sooner rather than later.  Also 
looks like we need a scoped ConverterRegistry too.


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