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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: I may have found a bug??
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 23:16:36 GMT

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From: "David Stenglein" <>
To: "Ant Developers List" <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2002 2:43 PM
Subject: Re: I may have found a bug??

> > IMO java should move from a simple properties file to an XML
> > of the same thing, in whatever encoding you like.
> >
> The java 1.4 prefs package is probably what you are looking for. It can
> use XML, but the backing store can be anything you want.

yeah, but then I'd have to use java1.4 everywhere :)

I have an XSD/XML set for properties that castor generated code parses;
munges it to a HashMap for now; may go more hierarchical in future. the
config files can be text or database generated.

My long term objective is for components to be hierarchically configurable
using a good mechanism that works against LDAP, DB and XML sources...the
idea is that things dont care about how they are configured in the grand
scheme of things, just that they can get their config data somewhere.


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