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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: exporting classpath references from inner Ant builds to outer Ant builds.
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 09:24:03 GMT
From: <>
> We do have a copy of the Ant task in CVS at the moment, it's just not
> used. Ant will happily 'import' references from called projects, but
> there's no way at the moment to 'export' them.

Though a special task in Maven doesn't help much; as there's already a
special Ant task (ProjectProperties) that does exactly what I want - its
just its not a standard Ant feature so it leads to unnecessary cut'n'paste
to add all the maven classpath to the outer Ant build to be able to
<taskdef> and call Maven Ant task from the outer project (the projects
build.xml). All this stuff is already done inside the Maven ant build; I
just want it available in the parent projects build in a painless way. So
I'd prefer a patch to Ant to allow references to be exported.

> We definitely need a better way of doing this...

Agreed. Being able to include a Maven build to compile the code & set the
classpath then reuse it from the outer build would be really cool.


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