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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: [JPackage-devel] RE: RPMs
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 14:37:28 GMT
>I must have missed some mails here, and it is a bit hard to 
>understand what is 
>discussed here.
>I'm currently aware of three ant scripts:

>- default one, in ant archive

>- Henry's one, in jakarta rpm

>- jpackage one, in jpackage rpm

>I guess objective is to make those different scripts closer, 
>right ? Henry, do 
>you still intend to maintain the jakarta rpm ?

If we could use the jpackage rpm, I'll be happy to avoid
such duplicate job ;)

But before then we should make ant developpers a little
more happy with our scripts and layouts. May be we'll
be able to adapt our modification to ant original script 
and sus avoiding problems (think about OpenPKG which could
run on non Linux platform).

The more we have in common with original ant script, the
better it will be. Also less works for us to patch it when
they (ant developpers) modify it for platform we didn't 
actually track since they're not (yet) rpm based.

>Concerning jpackage script, i don't see the point of using a 
>top-level ant 
>directory and symlinks. As we know where the real files are 
>installed, and we 
>have to modify to script anyway, we can safely use real file locations

ant use the antRun script which is not in jakarta rpm (bad error)
but is present under /usr/bin is jpackage rpm.

>Achieving the same default behaviour is a good idea, tough.


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