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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: RPMs
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 12:56:33 GMT
>> The idea is to tell ant script to use jikes 
>> if jikes exist on the system, else just fallback
>> to javac...
>Which means you have a different default than the script that ships
>with the non-RPM distributions.

Agreed on jikes instead javac goes against default behaviour

>The canonical way to say "I want jikes" is 
>ant -Dbuild.compiler=jikes
>and for a more permanent solution
>in ~/.antrc we shouldn't add a third way IMHO.

Yes but what happen if there is no jikes present ?
I recall the goal is to have jikes used when present and
if not fall back to javac.

A source rpm could be rebuilt on a machine without jikes and
should'nt spot errors about missing jikes. the ant script
in my rpm (and at jpackage) handled that for us and avoided
to add in spec build file :

if [ -x /usr/bin/jikes ]; then
ant -Dbuild.compiler=jikes

>BTW, why does jikes get this special treatment by your RPMs (I'm
>curious)?  This is not the only open source compiler supported by Ant,
>but you only check for jikes, not gcj nor Kopi.

gcj produce native code which is not what we want.

And you make me discover kopi (i stopped tracking kaffe 
some months ago). 

Strangely there is no kopi (kjc) rpm (I'll release one asap).

btw, jikes is fast, well-know and produce good code...

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