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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: RPMs (Was: Ant 1.5alpha refresh notice)
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2002 15:59:02 GMT
>> What do you means by incorrect directory layout ?
>Ant scattered in three different dirs (I like the power of setting

ant live in 3 differents dirs to respect rpm and fhs policies :

exec should go to /usr/bin
java jars goes in /usr/share/java or /usr/share/java/toolxxx/ 
rpm doc should go in /usr/doc/toolxxxx/ (old RH/MDK) or /usr/share/doc/toolxxx (recent MDK/RH)

>And I really don't like the fact that you are using a wrapper script
>of your own (our's is better 8-) - forcing the compiler to be jikes
>just because I happen to have jikes installed is not nice for

I agree but the ant script in jpackage is more sophisticated
and allow users to ant without jikes.

>We even had bug reports because of that that we've resolved
>via "let your system adminstrator fix the script".

with jpackage ant script (and related util) attached :)


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