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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject [OT] Time to leave.
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 12:52:03 GMT

Just a quick note before unsubscribing from all my mailing lists...

As some of you may know I will be in vacation far away from home and from
any communication point (or likely) for 5 weeks starting in a couple of
hours. ( For those interested I'll go in New Caledonia, so it's not
necessary to blame me, I will actually be closer to Peter and Conor than I'm
right now. :)

I apologize for not having helped much these last weeks (months ?) with
features and bug reports, should it be with Ant or Maven.

I did not even organize myself correctly to add a simple feature to
TRaXLiaison so if some of you find the time to do so here's the deal.


- remove the setOutputMethod() (I really mean remove as it was added in cvs
and it's too specific) from the interface.

- add the following methods to TRaXLiaison:

 // set the classname of the transformer factory to use if
 // you want to bypass the JAXP pluggability layer
 setFactory(String name)

 // attributes to set to the transformer factory
 setAttribute(String name, Boolean value)

 // properties to set to the will override the one
 // set in the xsl
 setOutputProperty(String name, String value)

As the factory must be created lazily once all this has been set, the
liaison need to be refactored and all these properties set to the factory
and transformer in some sort of init() method
I would store attributes, parameters, outputProperties each og them in a
Properties instance and configure the factory and transformer from it (there
is a setOutputProperties(Properties) in a transformer)

All this should allow some kind of flexibility to use <style> with any
processor so I see the syntax as:
<style ... factory='org.apache.xalan.processor.TransformerFactoryImpl'>
  <outputproperty name='method' value='xml'/>
  <outputproperty name='indent' value='true'/>
  <attribute name=''
  <attribute name=''

factory not set would use the JAXP pluggability layer while if it is set it
would use load and instantiate the class directly (ok looks like we could
soon add our own JAXP implementation to act as a registry so that we could
change parser at will with a simple ant property as well)


All the best, keep up the tremendous good job. It's an honor to work with
you and I'm ashame not to give you back as much as you give me.



ps: For those who had enough courage to read til this point, here's the
place: . Might be a good starting point if
you plan to go there. I hope to get back with some do/don't plans.

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