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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject Help getting started with GUMP
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 21:58:41 GMT

I would like (need!) to integrate multiple projects using GUMP, and I'm
having trouble getting started from just the GUMP page of Alexandria. And
Jakarta is so big, it's daunting to try starting from this (unique as far as
I know) example / implementation of GUMP.

Most of these projects are Java, with an ANT build running, and a very few
of them have CruiseControl going. Inter-dependencies of the projects is
ad-hoc though, with some projects using a (sometimes old) release of their
dependencies, others using the latest, and running into trouble 'cause
broken by their dependencies, etc... In short, it's a mess quickly getting
out of hand (IMHO). At least the dependency tree as no loops...

Before I'm kindly asked to RTFM, I would appreciate any experiences,
insights, advises, or whatever you could tell me regarding implementing a
GUMP build. Things I'm pondering include:
*	Should each developer do a full gump build before commits?
*	What do individual projects use to compile dialy wrt their
dependencies? Nightly build, fixed version?
*	What's the status of ANTGUMP vs. GUMP?
*	Am I crazy to even attempt this?

Thanks, --DD

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