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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: [WIP]Selectors
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 03:29:01 GMT
At 01:47 PM 4/15/02 -0400, Magesh Umasankar wrote:
>Have you made any progress on the 'Selectors'
>functionality implementation?

Yes, I've been plodding along on it. It is starting to shape up now, but it 
took me a while to wrap my head around all of the suggestions that were 
offered. In particular, I started hitting my head against Adam's suggestion 
that PatternSet "is-a" Selector until I realized I'd come back to my old 
bugaboo, FileSet mixing the includes and excludes between PatternSets. 
Thus, PatternSet can't be a Selector in Ant 1 since PatternSets can't just 
pass back a true or false for "isSelected()" that would work. I hate it 
when I figure out a problem and then forget the solution and get bitten 
again. As a result, PatternSet's no longer have any reference to Selectors 
at all.

Once I got past that mental block, things got back on track (RL allowing) 
and I am making progress at refactoring everything.

>   To make sure we
>provide this functionality in Ant 1.5, it must
>enter CVS before Apr 30.  Do you think you
>will be able to submit it by then?

Yup, no problem. Ok if tests and doc changes are a little later? If not, 
I'll just make a concerted effort there too. Otherwise it will give me more 
chance to expand on the Selectors available in the first pass.

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