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From Craeg K Strong <>
Subject Re: <condition> test for a property being true
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 19:37:58 GMT
I think this is a good idea; I would use it if it were available.

One question:  how about generalizing it so that you can test for any value:

<isset name="foo" value="bar">

If you omit the value, it defaults to "true," as per your original <istrue>

What would be the drawbacks of such a design?


Steve Loughran wrote:

>What test do we have for a property being true?
>that is if property foo="true" or "yes" it should eval to true; if it is set
>to anything else the property should be unset. This is not what isset does,
>which tests for declared(foo)
>I cant see how to do without using <and> to perform two case insensitive
>string comparisions right now, and that seems silly.
>Proposal: I knock up a quick <isTrue> and <isFalse> condition pair.
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