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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: Gump with mutant
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 10:42:29 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> *Impressive*
> What is Mutant's preferred way to set the basedir for a project (re:
> ant-contrib failure)?

I just haven't added support for that to my Ant1 layer yet.

> What is the problem with excalibur-baxter?  I first thought it simply
> was a missing prereq, but then I saw that it worked in your Ant run.

Not sure yet. I usually run the ant and mutant builds in tandem overnight and 
then investigate issues. Just working on some Ant1 <depend> bugs first at the 

> XML entities have been in Ant's FAQ for so long now as the preferred
> way to include fragments, that you'll probably need to support them in
> a compatibility layer (re: taglibs).

Yes, I need to support that. I thought the parser would handle it. I'll look 
into it.

> Is there a fundamental problem in porting <antstructure> (re:
> crimson)?  Need help?

I marked a few things as too hard when I started the Ant1 layer. antstructure 
uses the IntrospectionHelper which I don't currently include. It is probably 
just a matter of including that and making it compile. Not sure yet. The other 
task with which I have issues is the recorder task since it uses build loggers 
which in mutant are not normally visible to tasks.

Everyone is welcome to help :-)


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