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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant-myrmidon/container/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/executor
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2002 03:16:38 GMT
On Thu, 25 Apr 2002 13:06, Adam Murdoch wrote:
> > The ordering in embeddor is required for current set of implementations -
> > if we were ever to change the implementations radically we would need to
> > rewrite the embeddor code which is a bit icky.
> >
> > I guess we kinda do need proper manager for this stuff but I would really
> > like to avoid the complexity of it all. Can you think of any way of
> > avoiding all this complexity?
> It might be worth biting the bullet, and dealing with this properly, so
> that we know things will work when services are replaced.  Dealing with
> ordering isn't too nasty - in a past life I put together a container that
> did the dependency tracking thing.  I could certainly put together
> something for us to use.

Its not so much the difficulty of writing the kernel - I actually enjoy that 
bit :) It is more the bulk it adds to myrmidon. It just seems like "too 
much". Oh well

BTW what do you think of putting together a micro release over the next week 
or so? The release would just include aut/api/myrmidon/framework. The main 
reason for this is that there is a few people who are using the container 
part to build other stuff and are getting sick of us "evolving" the API ;)

I will finish the event manager stuff and move projectlistener to the 
framework project (and probably axe aspect manager - doh!). Is there anything 
you need to do? ie What do we need to stabilize it all and make sure 
everything sorta works.

I will have a bash at documenting types/roles and how they interact with the 
system. I may also get around to converter stuff if I get time (not sure). 

Anything else that needs doing?


Peter Donald

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