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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [ChangeLogTask] Bugs ...
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2002 13:18:35 GMT
On Sun, 31 Mar 2002 22:45, Vincent Massol wrote:
> Ok, after a few hours of struggling, I think there are some bugs in the
> changelogtask.

eek! ;)

> Actually, when I wrote the Cactus changelog task, I took the one from
> Alexandria but I spent some time to correct some bugs as I discovered
> them (can't remember exactly how many but there were a few) ...

Yer I had to fix a few aswell but I obviously missed one case (It never 
cropped up as previously didn't allow nested filesets). Anyway I fixed the 0 
changes but for rcs file problem - 3 line fix ;)

> I also had to add the following few lines after having finished reading
> the input stream (for some reason, it was hanging otherwise) :

Also I couldn't reproduce this in any form on any platform. However I put the 
fix in anyways because it not hurt. 

The only case where I thought it might occur would be on win9x platforms 
where you got pages of errors (more than 4096 bytes worth of errors). Could 
you tell me how you originally produced blocking ?



you've made a dangerous leap right over common 
sense, like some kind of metaphysical Evil Knievel

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