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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject java1.4 issues
Date Sat, 13 Apr 2002 06:20:50 GMT
OK, I am looking at java 1.4... I have a box which is upgraded to test on,
even though I havent moved any of my desktops up to the new future. (well, 2
out of 3 are running, which is someone else's new future)

1. sam is doing test runs on java 1.4, but because xalan and other
predecessors arent building on 1.4 yet (they are using assert() internally),
I dont think it is doing full ant tests.

Classloader only passes javax.* and java.* stuff down from above; we need
org.xml.sax.*, org.w3c.dom.
Actually java 1.3 also needs org.omg.corba.*, maybe sun.* but nobody has
noticed yet

I can list what needs to be in there once I upgrade my 1.4 box and have a
look at the jars; even write a compliance test (i.e. a java entry point that
throws an exception if the classname passed on arg[0] doesnt exist; call
that in java w/ fork=f; and an appropriate classpath

Looking at AntClassLoader, I can see that we can handle new roots with
addSystemPackageRoot() .


..does anyone know what will happen if I add a longer root like


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