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From "Ara Abrahamian" <>
Subject RE: TaskAdapter and execute()
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 20:12:28 GMT
> I'm thinking a bunch of @ant tags, that get munged into the ant-
> descriptor.xml.  Or maybe better option is to generate a separate
> descriptor, maybe one per class.  One per class makes it easier to
> the meta-info on demand.

+10. Please make it modular, one task plus dependent classes -> one
deployable unit including deployment descriptors. No more, no less. Use
factory everywhere. The other day I wanted to install my enhanced
introspection system but there's no factory for it.

> Internally, I guess we add a meta-info repository component, that the
> deployer takes care of populating.  Meta-info would be indexed by
> classname, or possibly by {role-name, type-name}.  Maybe its worth
> extending TypeManager to act as the meta-info repository?

One interesting thing I did in xdoclet is to register subtasks
(<entitypk/> is a subtask of <ejbdoclet/> for example) by a symbolic
name the subtask class provides with a get/setSubTaskName. Now back to
Ant2, say to want to hack <javadoc/> task, an easy way would be to
override from Javadoc class and because it returns "javadoc" as the
symbolic name your class is picked up by system instead of the original
one. Believe me it really helps, for example I want to use the latest
xdoclet code but I want to generate xrpc code in <remoteinterface/> and
add/remove some stuff from <entitypk/> to make websphere happy. What I
do is simply derive, add my stuff in plugin points/template methods and
put it in xdoclet's classpath and set subtaskClassName to my class,
xdoclet knows that it should use my class for that stuff because it's
not looked up by class name but rather by a symbolic name, all other
subtasks lookup using that mechanism too (for example to set up the
ejb-jar.xml the responsible template needs to consult some remote
interface template tags and subtask). It's kinda jndi but for subtasks.

> Some of the things it would be nice to have in the meta-info (these
> all be optional, of course):

[snip lots of tags and flags]

I hope you don't overuse @tags :-) It can easily happen and you end up
in a code with lots of @tags in it! And worse than that with lots of
deployment-oriented tags which shouldn't be placed in source code

Hope I was beneficial :-)


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